Applied Biosystems

Dionex (all IC, ASE, and LC models)


Edwards Pumps (rebuilds)

EST Analytical



Leap Technologies

OI Analytical (detectors, GPC, Purge and trap concentrators and autosamplers)

Perkin Elmer

Pfeiffer Pumps (rebuilds)


Shimadzu (GC and HPLC )

Teledyne Tekmar (TOC, headspace and purge and trap)

Thermo Scientific

Varian (now Agilent)




Whether you need a PM or are troubleshooting a difficult problem we can help.  Our on-site or in-house repair options offer convenience and cost effective options.  We offer full service contracts which cover all labor, travel and parts.  Or we offer billable service with no  minimum service call charges, just pay for what you actually use.  

Below is a list of instrumentation and manufacturers that we specialize in repairing and maintaining.

We currently service University, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Government, and Industrial Hygiene Laboratories in the Greater Salt Lake City area.  We offer a full spectrum of consulting services to help with methods development, software training, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), hardware training or instrument validation needs.

HP and Agilent

  • 5890 GC
  • 6890 GC
  • 7890 GC
  • FID, TCD, ECD, NPD, etc.
  • 5971, 5972, 5973, 5975 MS​ models
  • All autosampler models
  • 1050 HPLC systems
  • 1100 HPLC systems
  • 1200 HPLC systems
  • 1100 MSD ion trap and quadrupole
  • ​7694 and G1888 Headspace